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Some of our international and interstate customers do not have the opportunity to visit Sea Rhythm for a personal ring sizing session. In those cases, please visit your local jeweller for accurate sizing. If that's not possible, you can also use the string/paper method detailed below.

• Using a string or piece of paper complete a circle around the bottom of your finger
• Using a pen mark the string or paper at the circle's connection point
• Measure the length of the string/paper from the top to the pen mark 
• With this measurement refer to the table below to determine your ring size

Size 5: 49.3mm      Size 9: 59.5mm

Size 6: 51.8mm      Size 10: 62.1mm

Size 7: 54.4mm      Size 11: 64.6mm

Size 8: 56.9mm      Size 12: 67.2mm


CLICK HERE for the ring sizing guide that should be used to establish your size before you order. Please ensure that Page Scaling is set to 'none' or 'actual size'. This will provide you with accurate information regarding the size of your ring.

You need to take the knuckle into consideration when sizing. In some cases the bottom of your finger may be smaller than your knuckle. When purchasing a ring with a wider band you should choose a size ½ -1 size larger.

Note: Please take care to ensure you have determined the correct sizing before ordering. Sea Rhythm CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS if you have sized your ring incorrectly. We do offer our customers a ring re-sizing service, whenever possible, for an additional service fee.

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